Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

How many lessons will I need?

Everyone learns at their own pace and it is often difficult to predict the number of lessons a person may need. That is why we offer students the choice of a single lesson, a double lesson, or the three lesson package special (save money when you sign up for three).

How much does a lesson cost?

A single lesson costs $48.00. Save money when you sign up for three lessons - Three Lesson Package Special.

What can I expect during my first lesson?

The driving instructor will assess your level of experience and tailor the lesson to accommodate your needs. If you are a driver with:

No previous experience you will most likely work on turning the wheel correctly, how to properly approach a stop sign, and how to turn left and right.

Limited experience you will most likely work on driving in traffic, turning at intersections, and lane changes.

Experienced you will most likely work on driving in traffic, parallel parking and three point turns.

What is the simulated road test?

The simulated road test is a practice road test designed to test the same driving skill sets that will be tested by DMV. Taking the simulated road test will give you a good idea of how you will score on the actual road test and the results will alert the instructor to any areas that you may need to work on.

Do you have pick up and drop off services?


Do you need a permit to schedule a lesson?

Yes. You must have your permit before you can schedule your first lesson.

Can I use the instructional vehicle for my road test?

Yes. You must take at least one lesson with Learn to Drive School, Inc. before you can use the car for a road test.